We hired Denise last year to refurbish a very old, pretty stinky, (and even turned to be sinking!) bathroom in our house. We had completed a long and painstaking home remodel some years before, and this bathroom had been left behind for a future date when the funds and the patience returned in equal measure. After our previous experience, we were more than ready to hire a contractor for the job.

I promise you I have never met someone so committed, and so passionate about BOTH the process, as well as the outcome. It´s her dream, it´s her passion, and her hobby all rolled into one. Sorry, but it doesn´t get much better than that when seeking a professional contractor to get the job done.

She literally handles everything in a remodeling job from start to finish.
The design, the interaction with an architect if it´s necessary, the interaction with the municipality and building permits and codes if necessary,provision of the budget for the project (which in her case is on time and on price something almost unheard of in any market let alone the Chilean one), hiring, (and firing if necessary) of any and all maestros, electricians, gasfiters, plumbers, assumes responsibility of those maestros, and their work schedule, and their productivity, purchasing of materials, accompaniment of purchases–anything from fabric swatches down to towel racks, (including kitchen sinks!), all if it falls in her realm of how she operates as a contractor.

Her intuition said it would be difficult, and might not turn out the way we planned, but she agreed to try to achieve the vision anyway…knowing the risk involved. From this point, Denise helped me give vocabulary to my vision, and we shared lots of photos and design ideas for weeks before setting the plan in motion. Next she provided a budget to include all of the line items we would have to consider, along with her own transparent fee (good luck trying to figure this out with other contractor teams!).

Next up, demolition day! The maestros came in to knock out out all the old tiles, and bathtub, and relics of fixtures that seemed to have been there for centuries. After that, together with her team, they had to decide how to best go about leveling the floor so that it would have the proper drainage for an open shower, so that water would flow down the drain, instead of making a slimy pool on the floor of the bathroom.

Today I have a beautiful, open floor plan bathroom to prove it.

Denise and her team are really the true stuff. Hire her TODAY!

Love, Jen

I just wanted to tell you about a great experience I had with Denise Salman and her company Denise Salman http://www.denisesalman.cl/

We hired Denise a couple of months ago to do a major overhaul on the house we bought. Mostly costmetic upgrades, but also some arquitectual work and construction.
It was a great experience! I was worried about the whole process- having been warned a million times that Chilean maestros are ALWAYS slow to get the work done, etc, etc.
Denise completely put me at ease during the entire process– and kept her team of maestros, arquitects, electricians completely in line! Very impressive.
They finished on time- despite the numerous changes and additions that we made to the plan along the way. She was 100% flexible and told me from the start that my husband and I could be as hands-on or hands-off as we wanted. Not only did they do a great job, but Denise also has an amazing eye for interior design and was a huge help for me as a sounding board for ideas, datos of stores to go to and what would look good in the spaces we were creating.
Oh- and the customer furniture pieces that we had made for our kitchen and bathroom vanities are AMAZING.
She also expertly navigated differences in opion about style between my husband and I. She should charge extra for that! jajajaja.
But serioulsy- for any of you chilespouses that want gringo-style customer service but also need your Chilean husbands to be on board- Denise is definitly the answer.
Please feel free to contact me for any additional information.
Happy house decorating!


Working with Denise was a total dream come true when I decided to renovate my living room.
First, she came to my apartment and helped me think about what I wanted to do. Her suggestions were creative and thoughtful and, in addition, brought the cost down on several points.
Second, she went shopping with me to help me look at different options for furniture and accessories.
Third, she hired the workers and coordinated and supervised all the work that had to be done and everything was done absolutely according to the timeline we had a agreed on.
None of my family or friends could believe it. The work started on the date she said it would and ended two days before the final date. Finally, she is a total delight to work with –fun, creative, efficient and absolutely professional in every service she provides. My living room was transformed into a beautiful, comfy space within the time and budget we had agreed on. I enthusiastically recommend Denise for any home improvement project.

– Karen Anderson, Fundacion EPES www.epes.cl

“We bought a house in Lomas de la Dehesa in 2006 and began to renovate it almost immediately, starting with the kitchen and bathrooms and continuing with many other projects until 2008.

We experienced enormous difficulties – bad workmanship, overpriced quotes, language barrier and a general lack of interest in providing a decent service or, sometimes, any service at all! In fact, it turned into a nightmare, until I spotted an advert for “Denise Salman” and contacted them to see if they could help.

If we’d known about Denise before, we’d have saved ourselves a lot of heartache, discomfort and money!! Denise provides great service – not only does she contract and converse with the “maestros” herself, she supervises the job from start to finish and ensures that the work carried out is to the highest of standards at the best possible price. She also arranges for the building materials to be delivered or goes out and buys them herself; nothing is ever too much trouble!

I would recommend “Denise Salman” to anyone – Gringo’s especially – save yourself the hassle and phone Denise!!!”

-Jane McDonald, Panama


“Denise and Brigitta, were easy and pleasant to work with and very up to date on the new ways of solving old problems, like organizing and decorating my teenagers’ bedrooms, one very small and the other large but awkward (the rooms, not the kids!). I found Denise to have great ideas for organizing spaces, and great tips on where to find unique materials and accessories in Santiago. What I most needed, and most valued, was that she managed the workers completely, so I could go about my life knowing she would get the job done right at my house.”

-Celia Cussen


“Denise has been helping me update, modernize, revamp, redo, rethink every room in the house (good thing the apartment’s not that big!).
She has been incredibly professional, has the best “datos” for “maestros” of every sort and watches over their work like a hawk, has impeccable taste and an uncanny ability to read my mind and do it my way, instead of hers (even when she respectfully disagrees with me!).

So if you need any interior decorating done around the house, or just want to jazz up a room or two, contact Denise by email. She’s amazing!”


-Katty Kauffman

“Have had great experience with Denise! Great problem solver, great contacts, and wonderful mediator with all those maestros that we hate to deal with.
The advantage of being a Chilena and knowing the how to manage the maestros and knowing a lot of people for great contacts, but at the same time having been raised in the States,
so understanding our needs and being very responsible and ethical about her work. I have to say that this is a winner combination!”

-Rebeca Galvez